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PCYantra is an independent organization of remote technical support for software, hardware and computer peripherals. We have expertise in products from a wide variety of third party more

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What Customers Say?


"I hold your company in the highest regard as far as customer service goes-- you folks are top notch. Thanks again! "
— Donie Boil, New York

"I am most happy with PCYantra. You folks are people-centered and you stay with a customer until everything is right."
— John Smith, Dallas

We'll get you the tools you need for work

Setup and Install

Are installation blues beating your brain out? Are you looking for an assistance to drive you out from installation conundrum? PCYantra is the right antidote for all your installation and set up related melancholies.

Installing new software or hardware is a tricky process and incorrect installation can cause damage to your computer or laptop and connected devices. One misstep means having to start it all over again. Skip the undue stress and let us assist you every step of the way.

We will connect anything to your PC and put you in control. Just Call Toll Free 1-855-509-5713 for instant technical support

What PCYantra will do for you:

We'll get you the tools you need for work and play. We'll guide you through the whole process. Our tech experts will help with Internet & networking installation. We will help you with Computer & laptop software installation. Our friendly engineers will be glad to setup your Printers & Scanners. Only PCYantra brings for you the best of PC or laptop support services so that you can easily say a bye-bye to all your worries and strictly concentrate on your performance growth.

Here’s what all we bring for you:

  • Assistance for complete PC or laptop set-up and installation
  • Assistance for complete Internet set-up and installation
  • Assistance for complete Printers and Scanners set-up and installation
  • Installing Wired and Wireless Home Networks
  • Setting up and configuration of your routers
  • Helping in installation of Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Troubleshooting other common computer or laptop installation blues

All in One Plan

Excellent support for your PC or laptop, connected devices, peripherals and third-party software applications including:

  • Repair and maintenance of your computing device
  • Diagnosing and resolving software problems
  • Updating Windows, configuring browsers and security products
  • Optimizing your computer or laptop and the peripherals
  • Troubleshooting attached printers, scanners and more as per demand